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We are a young start-up company aimed at filling a void in the convenience car cleaning business and are committed to providing a suitable and excellent service to our customers.  We are in the unique position of been mobile and therefore not tied down to a specific area.

Our idea is simple.  We utilize idle parking time to hand wash cars while owners leave them to carry out other activities like working, shopping or entertaining. The result is an innovative, professional and safe experience for our customers.  

Gone are the bulky watering hosepipes, heavy-duty equipment and froth and foam.  Instead, our system is a waterless and eco-friendly one which ensures the parking bay remains dry and tidy.  Our waterless hand wash system is easily adaptable for washing inside or outside parking bays.

A vehicle is serviced by one or two (max) people, is supervised and takes approximately 30 minutes to wash, clean and shine.  The washing agents we use fall into the green category, do not contain abrasives and are non-inflammable.

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We are in the unique position of being mobile and therefore not tied down to a specific area.

Our Values

We value your patronage and therefore commit ourselves to being reliable, efficient and honest. We are dedicated to being environmentally efficient and to that end we have sourced only eco-friendly cleaning chemicals to use in our business. Fricker Car Wash Service is committed to local employment opportunities.

Our Service

We are geared to servicing the Corporate industry by offering a car washing service to the Corporate Company and its employees. Our service entails a complete exterior vehicle hand wash, clean and shine and particular attention is given to wheel rims, tyres and window cleaning. We use biodegradable car cleaning detergents together with Microfibre towels which are soft and easy on the body of the vehicle.

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