Simply book your car in for a wash through our website. Alternatively, you can can book via a phone call, email or Whatsapp. 

You can cancel or re-schedule your booking at any time.  There are no cancellation fees involved, all you have to do is inform us via our website, phone call, email or Whatsapp.

Online Bookings – you can pay for your car wash directly through our website using your credit card or EFT.

On-site Bookings – you can pay at your office via cash or credit card.

Monday to Fridays from 8am-5pm.

Yes, we are a mobile car wash.  We come to your offices to clean your car.

Our eco-friendly washing chemicals remove stubborn dirt effectively and hand washing provides the visual close-up inspection to required to check our cleaning.

No.  We are completely waterless and do the clean, wash and shine by hand using our eco-friendly car washing chemical

Whenever the integrity of a glass surface, such as a windshield, is compromised (weakened or changed) by small cracks, rock chips – even very small ones – it becomes more susceptible to changes in temperatures. It is usually very safe to wash your vehicle with such imperfections in your windshield, but the cracks and chips can expand from the change in temperature during the wash process. We recommend repairing or replacing damaged windshields immediately. Fricker Car Wash Service  is not responsible for repair or replacement of windshields with pre-existing damage of any kind

Please call our contact numbers or email by at info@frickercarwash.co.za